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4-Day Saint Croix and Namekagon Rivers Canoe Adventure Trip

This fully guided and completely outfitted 4-day canoe expedition combines two of the most scenic rivers in the Midwest to deliver a truly exceptional canoe adventure. Traveling down the Namekagon on this entirely portage free route, we will eventually converge with the larger Saint Croix. At the start of your expedition, you will experience gentle class one rapids, which will become bigger once we join the Saint Croix. While the rapids get more intense, first-timers are still absolutely safe to do this trip.

  • Day 1:
    Our expedition begins in Danbury WI with a rendezvous at 1:00 PM at the BP gas station where we will find each other at the attached Log Cabin Eatery. This is a good place for a quick counter service lunch (on your own) before the 1:00PM meet. From there, we will travel a short distance down the road to a parking lot where your cars will remain during our trip. Then the entire group will board a van which brings us up river. Now, it’s only canoe power for the next four days!

    We launch our boats at the county K Landing and spend the afternoon on the river. We’ll have time to get accustomed to the river and its gentle currents while practicing your canoe skills. At the end of this day, we will make our camp along the banks of the river, setting up camp for our first night under the stars.

  • Day 2:
    The next day begins with a hot breakfast and hot coffee. We will break down camp, load the canoes and head down river to continue our journey. This will be a full day with plenty of river hours. We will experience our first taste of small and swift class one rapids, with plenty of wildlife encounters. Once we reach the next camp, we set up and make a gourmet dinner. This campsite is known for its picturesque riverside view.
  • Day 3:
    We will start with breakfast and get ready for another day on the water! There will be a few gentle whitewater rapids at first, but things pick up a bit as we near the confluence of the Saint Croix, which you will be fully prepared for. Then, we settle into a campsite near the mouth of the Namekagon, where the stargazing is perfect.
  • Day 4:
    On the last day, we will be on the Saint Croix river where the banks widen out substantially. We will have to adjust to this new majestic river with some decent rapids throughout the morning. From there, we’ll make our way back to the Riverside landing take out (where the cars are) by lunchtime and we say our goodbyes. Once again, you can take advantage of the restaurants in Danbury for lunch at the end of your trip and celebrate your adventure.

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